Towards a Global RegGov Research Network


An International Conference to Inaugurate a Global Regulatory Governance Research Network was hosted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 4-6 July 2019


Whilst our next biennial conference will be in 2020, our colleagues in the Chinese University of Hong Kong will be hosting "Unpacking the Complexity of Regulatory Governance in a Globalizing World” An International Conference to inaugurate a Global Regulatory Governance Research Network, scheduled for 4-6 July 2019.

The International Conference will be jointly organized by the Department of Government and Public Administration and the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, with the support of the Standing Group on the Regulatory Governance of the European Consortium of Political Research.

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In the past two decades, there have been growing complexities in regulatory governance, owing much to the rapid diffusion of regulatory regimes from industrialized economies to developing countries and the ever-expanding scope of regulation in different sectors. In term of regulatory approaches, a focus on national styles has gradually shifted to a focus on local levels, all the way down to street-level regulators. Together with the emergence of ideas of value co-creation, more complexities have been added to existing dialogues between the legalistic and co-operative/voluntary paradigms. As for compliance strategies, regulated entities, particularly enterprises, have moved from a preoccupation with the choice between compliance and evasion to considering compliance as part of broader strategies for gaining competitive advantages and business innovation. As more developing and emerging countries have adopted their own regulatory regimes under diverse national circumstances, new theoretical frameworks are needed to account for how cross-national variations affect emerging issues in regulatory governance. In addition to complexities, new sectors (e.g., information technology and the internet) have emerged that call for some forms of government or self-initiated regulation. These newly emergent domains often involve problems that are distinctly different from those in the traditional domains (e.g., environmental, education, and financial). All these developments have generated new excitement and revised agenda to existing regulatory research with greater demand for both theoretical advancement and empirical-based problem-solving.

In the face of the aforementioned trends, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, with support from the Standing Group on Regulatory Governance of the ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research, has jointly endeavoured to introduce this regulatory conference series in Asia as an initial step to globalizing regulatory research with the objective of facilitating the gathering of regulation researchers from the East and West to explore complex research issues on regulatory governance. Underpinning this event is the vision of building a global network to meet the demands and challenges of globalizing regulatory governance research.


 Prof. Carlos Lo Wing-Hung

Prof. Carlos Lo Wing-Hung

This conference will feature key stakeholders debating issues in regulation and compliance that have profound impact on Hong Kong’s regulatory governance. In particular, it is expected that the conference will inspire creative thinking to examine the complexity of regulatory regimes in the emerging economies and developing countries in the Asian-Pacific region from a comparative perspective with the focus on the following topics: 


  • Regulatory Governance in Emerging Sectors 
  • Global and Regional Regulatory Governance 
  • Innovations and Value Creation in Regulatory Governance 
  • Trends and Emerging Issues in Regulation and Compliance 
  • Regulatory Challenges for the Global South