Standing Group Research Grants: Applications Open


Applications for the ECPR Research Project Grant are now open


Initially established in 2020, the grants aim to support Standing Groups and Research Networks embarking on a large-scale research project.


The grant is funded via The Bonus Fund, which is made up of 10 per cent of the ECPR's annual surplus each year. To ensure continuity each year, the decision was taken by the Awards, Prizes and Funding committee to take a three-year average of the available surplus. As such, the amount available for this year is £25k in total. The ECPR hopes to be able to support between three and five research projects (£5-£8.5k each) using these funds.


  • Details of the grant are on the ECPR's website.
  • The selection criteria can be found here.
  • The application form is available for download here.

If you are interested in applying for a Standing Group Research Grant in the field of regulatory governance, please


  • Informally express your interest no later than 19 August 2022, 3pm GMT and
  • Submit your proposal no later than 12 September 2022, 3pm GMT.

Email: Eva Ruffing (


The Standing Group on Regulatory Governance will nominate one proposal for submission to the ECPR. The final decision will be taken by the ECPR.